Telia Commercial

VFX effects created from 3D-scanning assets on set. Thanks to the speed of handhelp 3D-scanning we were able to 3D-scan in between takes at the same time as the recording for the commercial took place.

Scanned with Artec Eva 2019.

Non Violence Art Project

3D-scan of the knotted gun “Non Violence” originally created by Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd as a memorial tribute to John Lennon after he was shot. 

3D-scanned in order to be able to 3D-print it in the new metal “Humanium”, consisting of melted illegal weapons.

Dimensions: 202 x 165 x 141 mm
Scanned with Artec Spider 2018.

Hand made chair

3D-scanning a hand made chair prototype to be sure of that everything is exactly as conceived.

Scanned for and rendered by Claesson Koivisto Rune.

Dimensions: 822 x 604 x 500 mm
Scanned with Artec Eva 2018

3D Sculpture
3D-Printed Art

3D-scanned and printed in monochrome sandstone together with artist Tove Kjellmark.

First exhibition Katarina Kyrka, Stockholm.


Created 2017.

Kennedy Bakircioglü

Kennedy Bakircioglu (Swedish: [kɛnːɛdɪ baːkɪsˈjoːɡlʊ];[1] born 2 November 1980) is a Swedish footballer who plays as a midfielder for Hammarby IF.

He spent the most of his career with Hammarby, first joining in 1999 then returning for a second spell in 2012. He also competed professionally in Greece, the Netherlands (with both Twente and Ajax) and Spain.

Bakircioglu was a Swedish international for seven years.

Location: Tele2 Arena Stockholm
Scanned with Artec Eva 2018